Youth Policy

Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) represents opinions of youth associations and of young people in relations with different partners. The organisation ensures that a position of youngsters is heard and 301 Moved Permanently youth's interests and rights are equally protected. ENL supports young people getting involved in society and

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taking part in decision-making.

According to the Estonian Youth Work Strategy 2006-2013, youth policy is all “coordinated and

purposeful activities concerning the life of a young person”.  As such, the youth work strategy integrates the general area of youth policy with the narrow area of youth work, setting goals, measures and indicators of efficiency. Indicators include the number of youth participation in councils, the accessibility of hobby education, the range and accessibility of youth information and the size of the youth research network. The Youth Work Act (2010) provides the legal basis for youth work, defined as “the creation of conditions to promote the diverse development of young persons”. It sets out which institutions are responsible for youth work, its financing and the liability of those who work with youth.

As described in the youth work strategy, ENL delegates representatives from youth associations to the Council of Youth Policies - a governmental-civil society council that advises the Ministry of Education and Research, which is responsible for the implementation of the strategy. ENL advocates for youth interests in legislation and better financing for youth organisations.

For more information contact our Youth Policy Officer.
Kaisa Lõhmus