Increasing operational capability

Increasing the operational capability of ENL’s members and sharing their best practices

Strong youth organizatsions participate in (civil) society, they initiate useful projects and 301 Moved Permanently actions for local communities and encourage active participation and

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democracy. ENL´s experience shows that youth organizations want to participate society processes, but they have to deal with internal problems, such as low quality of management and
low sustainability. Rarely do they use the opportunity to learn from each ohter.

The project’s goal is to increase the quality of management and operational capability of ENL´s members and share their best practices.

One part of the project is to work out a developement program. Youth organizations analyze their operational capability, work with experts on individual development plans, participate in three training modules, provide a mentor for each leader to help with their personal development. ENL will act as the project promoter and will organize ENL’s member clubs and workshop to share experiences and best practices.

Beneficiaries: 15 youth organization leaders and members (altogether 30 youths) – participate in development program; 61 ENL member organization leaders and members – share their best practices and participate in trainings; ENL as an umbrella organization participates in the whole project. The program is essential, since with a good operational capability, they can offer quality events and development oppurtunities for their members (youth aged 7-26) and encourage active participation in their local community and society.

Results of the project: participants receive a comprehensive overview of their organization’s current operational capability, are capable to develop their organization and their management skills. Our member organizations will share their experiences and have the opportunity to learn from each other about effective practices and methods of having an impact on society.

We have two project partners. Best-Estonia is and international technology sciences students representative organization, who will organize a member club. Erasmus Student Network Estonia is a student organization in international higher education in Europe, who provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development, and will be sharing their experiences in ENL’s Summer School.

Partner 1 (BEST-Estonia) organizes a member club, focusing on the members of different organizations.
It will focus on questions such as ow to find, motivate, train and ultimately involve new members. Best-Estonia has good experiences in member recruitment campaigns and has a thorough member-system. Member clubs bring different organizations together and participants can share their practices and help each other with their know-how and experiences. Member clubs provide wider cooperation opportunities amongst ENL’s member organizations. Partner 1 invites other ENL member organizations to visit them, lead discussion and share their knowledge on member issues.

Partner 2 (ESN-Estonia) shares their practice in ENL’s Summer School.
The workshop theme is multicultural organizations and how to lead such a team and what to consider. Erasmus Student Network Estonia has very good experiences in managinf multicultural organizations. Workshops bring different organizations togehter and encourage youth organizations to involve youth from other nations (eg. volunteers, trainees) and works on breaking stereotypes through cultural interaction. Partner 2 shares their practices in ENL’s Summer School and lead discussion and share their knowledge on member issues.


Project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonia Foundation.

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