§ 4. Youth work

(1) Youth work is the creation of conditions to promote the + '<\/script>' diverse development of young persons which enable them to be active outside their families, formal education acquired within the adult education system, and work on the basis of their free will.

(2) The organisation of youth work proceeds from the following principles:

1) youth work is performed for the benefit of and youth work agencies shall be approved by a regulation of the minister responsible for the area.

§ 15. Annual grants for youth associations

(1) The objective of annual grants for youth associations shall be the increase of the capability of youth associations and the achievement of national objectives of youth policy.

(2) The following shall have the right to apply for an annual grant for youth association:
1) youth association the membership of which includes at least 500 young persons and the local units of which operate in the territory of at least one third of the counties;
2) union of youth associations the members of which include at least 30 youth associations;
3) school student councils' union if it aggregates at least one third of Estonian basic school, upper secondary school or vocational educational institution students through its members;
4) federation of student unions the members of which include at least one half of all student unions of educational institutions implementing higher education level studies.

(3) The allocation of annual grants to youth associations, refusal to allocate annual grants and the amount thereof shall be decided by the minister responsible for the area, taking into account:
1) the national priorities of youth work and youth policy;
2) the youth association development plan, activities and former achievements in the field;
3) the scope of activities of youth association, target group, membership and capability including the performance of former duties;
4) the compliance of the applicant and application with the established requirements. The minister responsible for the area may involve experts for the decision making.

(4) The specific conditions and procedure for applying for, allocating and refusal to allocate annual grants shall be established by the minister responsible for the area.

(5) The applicant shall be notified of the decision to allocate, refusal to allocate the annual grant for youth association within five working days as of the date on which the decision is made in a format which can be reproduced in writing.


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