About us

Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) is an umbrella organization established in 2002 and unites 43 youth organisations, 15 county youth councils and 70 local youth councils throughout Estonia. ENL promotes cooperation between youth associations and active participation of young people in society. ENL is working for recognition and participation of young people.

ENL is an organization with a large, active and strong membership, an opinion leader on

youth matters and a reliable partner in a society, where the ideas and humspm.com                    双色球怎么看_双色球单式_双色球ab是翻倍吗?:李秋平:不要一味的比较周琦和阿联 - 湖北11选5推荐号码,甘肃11选5号码遗漏,陕西11选5号码推荐 acivities of the Youth are valued and decisions are made in cooperation with the Youth,

ENL represents, includes and supports youth organizations through creating opportunities for cooperation and development.

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